Ahmed Tarek  E/Cadet


Name: Ahmed Tarek Position: E/Cadet Certificate Level: Ocean First-class English ability: Higher
Major: Engineering Native place: Bangladesh Birthday: 1996-01-03 Height: 178CM
Weight: 80 Blood type: A Shoes size: 44 Graduation school: JiangSu Maritime Institute
Education: UNIVERSITY Insur: No insurance

1Application intention

Application position Ship type Air route Tonnage of ship Wages
A.B,E/Cadet Bulk Carrier,Chemical Tanker,Container Ship,General Cargo Ship,Oil Tanker World Wide More than 3000 300
Other requirements
Wǒ shì Tarek, wǒ xǐhuān nǔlì gōngzuò. Wǒ bǎozhèng wǒ de jiǎnlì fúhé wǒ de tiáojiàn.


Certificate name Period of validity Certificate name Period of validity Certificate name Period of validity

3Sailing qualification

Ship name Occupation on board Date in board Off time Ship type/Gross ton Me type/Horsepower Air route Company name

4Contact information

Phone Standby phone Email QQ Address

需要登录:只有已认证企业和VIP企业可以查看联系方式 Please contact your crew agency in China or the service phone :0086-13851428962,Mr.Dai

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